How Virtual Assistant can assist you

What is a virtual assistant ?

What is a virtual assistant ? You can call them as your personal assistant because a Virtual Assistant does the majority of things that a personal assistant or office administrator does for you, but the catch is, they won’t be around you, still, all the works will be done without hassle and on scheduled time.

You can call them as your personal assistant because a Virtual Assistant does the majority of things that a personal assistant or office administrator does for you, but the catch is, they won’t be around you, still, all the works will be done without hassle and on scheduled time. Answering calls, replying to emails, invoicing your clients, anything you can do online, your Virtual Assistant can help you with.

It doesn’t mean that a virtual assistant cannot do face- to -face meeting with the clients but if the geographical distance prohibits the physical meeting then they usually do their meetings via webcam or telephones so it depends on the way of assisting and it varies from one virtual assistant company to another.

The good thing about a Virtual Assistant is that they are not limited to one kind of working arrangement, a Virtual Assistant can work for a large company or a one man band. With the help of a Virtual Assistant or with their assistance, the small business owners can get their business tasks completed by a dedicated professional and without having to negotiate the red tape of employment and all that it entails.

To name in few what they actually do:


  • Taking incoming calls

Suppose you have clients who usually calls you when they need assistance and you don’t have time to receive calls or you are on vacation, it might be difficult to manage right? Well, the days of worries are gone, now you can leave those works to your virtual assistant and they can take care of it.

  • Updating the content of your websites.

We all are aware of the fact how technology or online marketing boosts your business, a good website and a very good content on it means that your website will appear on the top of the search lists, which often people click on. A virtual assistant can help you to create a website or to update content on it and it can help your business to grow fast.

  • To-Do-List Management

It’s hard to manage things when you have loads of work to do and you don’t know where to start and end, a Virtual Assistant can help you to make a list of the things you need to do according to your convenient time.

  • Book Keeping

Sometimes we tend to forget to keep the records of the expenses we made and it might create problems right?.it is hard to spare time for such things but that’s ok because a virtual assistant can help you to keep records of your financial activities in a systematic and organized manner.

  • Data Entry

To keep a track of data’s is a very time-consuming task and stressful. You have to be very careful when you are keeping a track of crucial data’s and it will take a lot of your time so to hire a Virtual Assistant is the best option.

  • Calendar management

A Virtual Assistant can help you to schedule meetings or reschedule it, scheduling appointments and more. Virtual assistants make sure that your time is not wasted and you spend time on your priority works.

  • Technical Assistance

In this era of technology, it is very hard to work without a proper functioning gadgets or devices. You might face problems with gadgets at any point of time and you can’t run to the local shop or technicians right away. A Virtual Assistant can save you from being in such mess and help you to fix the issues in just one call, be it a Software Installation issues, Anti-Virus Installations or Pc optimization issues or any such device relating issues, Virtual Assistants can help you to fix it.

  • Email Management

In today’s world, email is a very important form of communication. Most people or organizations prefer email communication more efficient than any other forms of communications. It might be difficult to be responsive and check all the emails and reply to it and it can take a lot of your time but you can manage it with the help of a Virtual Assistant without any hassle.

  • Social Media Management

Social media is the best platform to advertise what you do or what your company does but it might be difficult to manage time and to have a proper knowledge about it, However, Virtual Assistants are experts on it and they can actually help your business to grow. And much more …


Why you need a virtual assistant?


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If you are running out of your time and you need assistance on your work but don’t have much manpower to complete the work then a Virtual Assistant can help you to finish it on time.

Everyone wants their personal life to be undisturbed from their professional life, well that’s what Virtual Assistants are there for, to make sure that you get a plenty of quality time to spend with your friends and family and with the things you love.To let you sit back and relax most of the Virtual Assistants provide 24/7 service so that you don’t have to worry about your works.

If you get stuck in a middle of an assignment or any work and you need information but can’t find any, then a Virtual Assistant can help you with the research. If you are a busy person and don’t have time for doing small things like booking tickets, doctor appointments, domestic household needs like plumbers, electricians then a Virtual Assistant can help you to book them on your preferred time. You can take a Virtual Assistant as your personal assistant who works online for you.

To do multiple tasks at once can be tough and frustrating and you might need some sort of support, well you will get that support from virtual assistant in any hour of need.

Small and new businesses require experienced manpower to work precisely on specific job roles, in those cases if you can’t afford to hire employees then a Virtual Assistant can help you with your works and also helps you to grow faster.It’s not just about the support on your work, it’s about making your life much simpler and easier to enjoy each and every moment that you live. Sleeping with a burden of tomorrow’s work will never give you a good sleep but with the help of a virtual assistant you don’t have to worry about your works which can be easily managed and all you have to do is just give your virtual assistant a call or a mail and you can just forget about it and your work will be done when you least expect it to ,isn’t it wonderful that all your jobs which can be done online will be taken care of by the experts.

If you work around 10-12 hours a day, having no time for the relaxation or your personal life, then it’s just another tedious job for you .when you outsource your business,you don’t have to pay for the tools, technology and management methodologies so a Virtual Assistant is right for you if you are a businessman. Everybody likes to have an easy access to everything, everyone would love to see their works being done without any hassle and on time so what else can be a better option other than to hire a Virtual Assistant.

Today’s world is very competitive, you will be having an idea to start a thing but in a blink of an eye somebody else will start that same thing with the same idea, so the right time to start or to do anything is very important but that cannot be done if you have multiple works to do at the same time, so forget about the days when you were worried regarding your time for your works because now you know you can leave your works to a virtual assistant and do the things which you love to do the most.


Why you need a virtual assistant?


If you are looking for assistance on your work but you don’t want to hire a permanent assistant then you can hire a Virtual Assistant because as the name itself says”Virtual”, Virtual Assistants normally work virtually or online and they like to work in a homely environment rather than being physically present with their clients, though if it’s a Virtual Assistant company, they might be working from a rented office or from their own.

Virtual Assistants are professional and experienced on what they do. For good assistance and better results, Virtual Assistants use different tools for different works like mostly they use Dropbox to share files, Google Apps for emails, Skype to communicate with their clients and many other tools a per their convenience.

There are hundreds of Virtual Assistant companies worldwide now out of which Worldwide 101, Time etc,,24/7 Virtual Assistant, Virtual Assist USA, TaskRabbit, Tasks Everyday, and Red Butler are the prominent ones.

There are lots of new budding Virtual Assistant companies like TiverAssist who are providing very fair and affordable services.

Prices for services vary from one Virtual Assistant to another, for example, Time Etc charges twenty-two dollars to twenty-six dollars per hour and Worldwide 101 charges thirty-seven to forty-three dollars per hour. To talk about the minimum packages it also varies, for example, My Tasker’s lowest package is one hundred and forty dollars for ten hours and the lowest package of is two hundred and sixty-nine dollars. So the services also varies from one Virtual Assistant to another.

Free trials are provided by some of the Virtual Assistants like TiverAssist, Time Etc, and MyTasker whereas companies like worldwide 101 and doesn’t provide any free services.


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